Monday 31 October 2022

Tips To Help Keep Your Pet Calm On Bonfire Night

One of the highlights of our work is getting to meet all of our clients' furry friends. Our pets give us unconditional love and companionship so naturally we all want to do everything we can to protect them from being scared and distressed.

Every year, Bonfire Night brings delight to adults and children alike all over the country as the loud whizzes, bangs and flashes of colour in the sky amaze and enthral. Our furry friends however are much less enamoured by the sight and sound of fireworks exploding in the sky. For those of us who have to witness our beloved pets in distress, it can be a less than enjoyable evening.

There are a few things that you can do to help your pet to cope with the anxiety that fireworks can cause them.

CATS Protection has issued the following advice:


A selection of their favourite long-lasting treats, given before the fireworks displays begin, can sometimes provide enough of a distraction to stop them from noticing the start of the noises. Even if they do not distract them for the whole of the display, any reduction in the time that they are distressed for is better than none.

Safe Place

Cats may feel reassured by having a cosy space in which they can curl up. If their bed has open sides then consider lining a cardboard box with towels and blankets for them to sleep in. Many cats feel safer when they are up high so placing this box on a shelf may increase their feeling of safety.


Classic FM will be playing their pet classics, calming music specifically selected to try to help you and your pet stay relaxed, from 6pm to 10pm on Friday 5th November and Saturday 6th November. Turn it up, lay back and enjoy.

Battersea Dogs Home has this advice to add:

Stay Calm

Our pets are very sensitive to our emotions. If they think that you are anxious then they will be anxious too. Stay calm and reassure them in your most relaxed tones so that they can pick up from your body language and voice cues that there is nothing for them to worry about.

No Evening Walks

Make sure that you are home from your evening walk before it goes dark so that your dog isn’t upset by any unexpectedly early fireworks.

Draw your Curtains

Protect your pets from seeing the flashes from the fireworks by drawing your curtains. Having your curtains drawn can also help to muffle the sound from the fireworks.

Let Them Roam

Confining a dog to one room when they are used to roaming your home can increase their distress.

we hope that these tips help you and your furry friends to have an enjoyable and distress-free Bonfire Night.

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Monday 17 October 2022

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash


We are a nation of secret and sometimes not so secret hoarders. It’s rare for a home to be completely clutter free. If the surfaces are empty, you can nearly always guarantee that there will be at least a couple of overstuffed cupboards.

However, there is something that may motivate you to declutter.

The stuff you haven’t seen let alone used for years could actually help you to pay your rising energy bills or contribute towards a well earned break in the sunshine.Second hand items are also good for the environment as they reduce the amount of things that go to landfill.

So decluttering can be good for your home, your wallet and the environment!


Gone are the days when eBay was your only option for selling your unwanted items. Now there are a whole range of sites, some of which specialise in certain items, such as Vinted or Depop where you can sell clothes and accessories.

Facebook Marketplace can be a great way of selling items without having to pay any commission, as can local sites like Nextdoor.

Be honest

If there is any damage to your item it is better to be upfront about it rather than have it returned to you. To save yourself and the buyer time haggling if there is any damage, reflect this in the price.

If you think your item isn’t worth selling then try putting it on a site like Freecycle.

You won’t benefit financially from selling it but you will be stopping it from going to landfill so there is a feel-good reward.

Make sure the price is right

Be sensible when you are setting the price. Just like when you are selling a property, if you set the price too high then there will be little interest and then your item will be further devalued when it sits unwanted on the selling site for ages.

However, you also don’t want to set the price so low that it simply isn’t worth your time and effort to sell it.


Taking lots of photographs will reduce the amount of time and the number of “no thanks” that you will get when selling an item as a collection only.

It will also increase your chances of selling your items online and reduce returns as people like to see clearly what they are purchasing.

To increase your chances of a swift sale, just as when selling a property, good photographs are essential. Keep the background clutter free, make sure that the lighting is good and ensure that you take photographs from several angles.

If you are decluttering in order to sell your home and would like some advice or a free no-obligation valuation then please do give us a call on 01925 235 338 .

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Tuesday 11 October 2022

Warrington Property Market Report September 2022

The children are all settled back at school and the changing weather leaves us in no doubt that Autumn is definitely here. September is always a month of new beginnings. With Christmas just around the corner many people start to think about whether their home still works for their family.

The rising interest rates may be causing pause for thought but life continues, despite the rising cost of living and people will always need to move home; sometimes because of, and sometimes in spite of, the financial climate.

Let’s have a brief look at what’s been happening over the last month in the local Warrington property market.

There are currently 402 properties available for sale in Warrington. This is 71 more than last month. Of these 402, 63 were new to the market in the last two weeks. The average price of properties in Warrington is £249,807 with the median price at £220,000.

Most of the properties available are in the £100,000 to £200,000 bracket with 145 currently on the market. There are 24 properties available, in the £500,000 to £1 million bracket. This month, properties in the £400,000 to £500,000 bracket are the fastest movers, only on the market for 71 days. They are closely followed by properties in the £300,000 to £400,000 bracket which only remain on the market for 80 days.

Properties priced at £100,000 and under, are now taking 301 days to sell. This is similar to one-bedroom properties with a median price of £85,000 as they are currently sitting on the market for an average of 349 days. This has gone up from 337 days last month.

This is another example of how selling property can take longer than people often imagine. If you’re looking to upsize from your first home, or are an investor looking to change your portfolio, please bear this in mind when planning.

Let’s take a look at the annual figures now.

The majority of sales in Warrington during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £257,015. Terraced properties sold for an average of £179,917, with detached properties fetching £442,748.

Overall, sold prices in Warrington over the last year were 2% down on the previous year and 12% up on the 2019 peak of £229,947.

This shows the high levels of activity in the local Warrington property market, which are likely to increase or at the very least, remain strong in the final quarter of the year. There is a lot of demand and plenty of people looking to move around Warrington.

If you’re thinking of selling your property, feel free to contact us. If you’re thinking of buying, letting or renting a Warrington property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call 01925 235 338 or email

Monday 10 October 2022

Five Things That Can Cause Good Tenants To Leave

There are many reasons that tenants decide to give notice and many of these have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with either the property or their landlord. However, there are some things that cause tenants to leave that are completely preventable.

Rent is too high

Annual rent increases can increase rent beyond a level that the tenant is either able or willing to pay for your property. Make sure that any increases in rent are in line with rents for the local area. If you have a good tenant then sometimes avoiding a rental void while you look for a new tenant can be more financially beneficial than an increase in rent can be.


Your tenant may need a larger property due to a growing family or relatives needing to move in with them for health or financial reasons. While you cannot magically make your property larger, if you have a larger rental property available and they are good tenants it is always worth mentioning to them that you have a bigger property available if you are getting the impression that they are outgrowing their current home.


You may think that there is nothing you can do if your tenant does not get on with their neighbours however, this is not the case. Sometimes simply acting as a mediator between your tenants and their neighbours can be enough to solve any disputes. Listen to both sides. The neighbours may not even be aware that they are doing anything wrong. If that doesn’t help and they are renting, try discussing the problem with their landlord who is likely to be just as keen as you for peace to be resumed. If this does not yield any results then your next step is to get the local council involved. Unsightly piles of rubbish, noise disturbances and anti-social behaviour are all things that the council can help with.

Maintenance issues

This is something that is completely within your power to solve. Not fixing things you have promised to fix or not responding when a tenant contacts you about a maintenance issue can cause the relationship between you and your tenant to break down. Avoid losing good tenants because of maintenance issues by making sure that you resolve problems as soon as you are notified about them. Regular inspections give you an opportunity to spot issues before they grow. If you live far away or are too busy to be able to attend to problems swiftly then consider employing an agent to manage your property for you. It is cheaper than having rental voids due to losing good tenants.

Buying a home

Unless they would like to buy your property and you are happy to sell it to them then this is something you really can’t solve. Wish them well and ask them if they have any friends who are looking for somewhere to rent that they would recommend as tenants.

By keeping on top of issues that may cause your tenants to leave you can reduce tenant turnover and rental voids leading to a better experience for both you and your tenants. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to manage your property please give us a call on 01925 235 338.

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Tuesday 4 October 2022

How To Choose The Perfect Buy-To-Let Property

Purchasing a buy-to-let property can be an excellent and rewarding investment. If you choose the correct property then a good long-term income from your investment is nearly guaranteed. However, as with all investments, there are always risks. To try to mitigate these, here are a few things that you should bear in mind when looking for your perfect buy-to-let property.

Know your target market

Who is your target market? If your target market is students or young professionals you need to bear in mind their budget when they are looking for a property to rent and ensure that you do not purchase a property that will be too expensive for them to afford. Remember at all times when viewing potential properties that you are not looking to fall in love with a property for yourself. Buying a rental property should be a decision which is ruled over by your head, not your heart. Having said that, it can often help if you try to view a property through a potential tenant’s eyes as opposed to through a potential landlord’s eyes as that will allow you to see the things that might put a tenant off of your property.

Location, location, location

Look at local amenities and transport links and choose an area that will be attractive to your target market. For example students will need to be close to their lecture halls and local amenities. Being within walking distance of local restaurants and bars would make your property even more attractive to them. Families on the other hand will be interested in the catchment areas of the local schools and how peaceful the area is. It can be wise to invest in areas that you know well as your knowledge can help you to select a tenant who will enjoy living there. Remember happy tenants equal long-term renters which means less rental voids!

Go big?

Smaller properties often have less rental voids than larger properties as it can be harder to find tenants for larger, high rent properties. That is not to say that you should not invest in a larger property but you must be especially aware that if you do you should take care to ensure that it is both attractive to your target market in terms of the make and type of property and in a good location for them.

Do your homework

Property prices rise and fall. Large profits can be made from rental income when interest rates are low but rising interest rates can be a cause for concern for landlords. Make sure that you are aware of current trends in the market and keep on top of them even after you purchase your buy-to-let property in order to ensure that you are aware of and therefore can prepare for any upcoming issues.

If you are considering purchasing a buy-to-let property in Warrington and have any questions or would like to join our early bird list then please give us a call and we will be delighted to assist you.

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