Thursday 18 December 2014

Wellfield Street Warrington...Which is the best investment?

I was talking to somebody last week from the Grappenhall area, who was considering becoming a landlord for the first time. He visited our office to ask us whether buying a property on Wellfield Street (Sankey Bridges) or Wellfield Street (whitecross) would make a better Buy to Let investment, and which would offer a better return/yield. He knew the area well, as he lived around there over ten years ago. I confirmed that the properties on both sections of these streets let and sell well, but I wanted to do a bit more research to help with his choice...
The average price for a property on Wellfield Street (whitecross) has been £84,465; while on Wellfield Street (Sankey Bridges) it was nearly 6% more, at £97,257. To better understand the investment opportunities available, we took a look at the rents achieved over the last year. The average rent achieved on Wellfield Street (whitecross) was £477 pcm giving a yield/return of 6.78%. On Wellfield Street (Sankey Bridges) rent was slightly higher, at £495 pcm, with a corresponding yield/return of 6.11%. We found both streets to be as good as each other, but as you can see there is hardly any difference in the yields/returns, which we would not have identified without the extra investigation. In this case it really comes down to the best available property to buy on the day.
If you are a landlord, whether you deal with us or not, feel free to visit into our office on Crosfield Street to ask our opinion on which property investment is best for you, you can always call me, Tesh Patel on 01925 235 338 or email me on

Tuesday 16 December 2014

3 Bed House in Warrington with a 8.8% Yield Potential.

This house has just needs a lick of paint and a little tidy id recommend Nice and light & neutral, exactly what the doctor ordered! Great area for rentals and being a 3 bed house means it will attract families as this area is popular for schooling and as its only a 5 minute walk into town.

It has just come on the market for £69,950 and I would expect that £550 pcm would be more than achievable rent wise for it at least. If you do your sums based on these figures, you would be looking at an annual return of 8.8%.

With this style of property as well, being a family home, means that you will have a lower turn over of tenants, as families generally want to be settled somewhere, rather than moving around every year. This means that that you will save on the letting costs to find new tenants as well. Win win I say.

We post many good deals on this blog, if you decide this one isn't for you, follow the blog and you will be notified when the next one gets posted then why not take the next step and give us a call to see how we could assist you in your search for potential investment properties - or to ask about our thoughts on your own choices, call me now on 01925 235 338 or drop me an email on

Friday 12 December 2014

2 Bed Investment Property In Orford 8.6%

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone has something good planned for the weekend.

We are at the end of another week and I am up to my old tricks and surfing Rightmove daily to see what great buys are out there. This morning I spotted this one, on the market with Lloyds for £64,000.

There are a few houses that have come to the market just like this in the last few months, I don't think there is anything onerous about it, I believe it is just a sign of the market, where prices have been steadily climbing thereby allowing people to move onwards and upwards, that may have not been able to previously.

As there are a few properties available to buy in this area, it means that prices are becoming quite competitive now, I think that £64k is quite a good price for this one as it also looks like it is in pretty good condition too. It probably needs about £5k putting into it to get it back up to a lettable standard.

From a rental perspective, I would expect to achieve in the region of £495 pcm for this type of house, which based on the current asking price would produce you a very healthy gross yield of 8.6%. Not to bad especially if you can get some money knocked of the asking price

If you have any questions at all about Buying a property to let, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thursday 11 December 2014

How will pension reforms in 2015 fuel growth in the Buy-To-Let property market?

The 2014 UK budget announcement included some exciting news for those approaching retirement age and planning what to do with their pensions. As the facts have started to emerge, the full impact of the pension reforms and the new options available, which are due to come into force in 2015, are beginning to be understood. So what has this got to do with property investment?

From April 2015, retirees will have a great deal more freedom to use their pension funds as they wish. The government’s planned changes will make it easier for pensioners to access their cash, with the lump sum withdrawal amount increasing from £18,000 to £30,000. At the same time, the tax on this amount will be cut considerably – 25% will be tax-free, while the remainder will reduce from a 55% tax rate to the pensioner’s personal income tax rate.

As someone who has long been passionate about property as an investment, seeing these changes has been extremely pleasing. Instead of compelling pensioners to buy an annuity, which can be a stressful and (if the wrong one is purchased) costly decision, the new rules will provide vastly more freedom for those looking to gain an income from property during their retirement years. Best of all, the value of the property is likely to grow over time, so the family or estate will inherit a tangible asset instead of a pension provider taking back any funds not yet paid out.

The British enthusiasm for purchasing property is well known, but the opening up of this market to those approaching retirement age is expected to give the property sector a dramatic new lease of life. Property website Property Moose conducted a survey of UK consumers in order to assess their appetite for property purchases in light of the new reforms. It found that 54% of respondents felt that residential property provided a better investment option than a pension. Just 11% felt that a pension was a better investment than a property.

Interestingly, the same survey showed that only 10% of respondents had an existing direct investment in a property (other than that in which they lived). The findings clearly demonstrate the pent up demand for property investment that the current regulations have created, meaning that the impact of the changes in April 2015 should be dramatic. The majority of respondents (57%) cited their reason for not investing in property thus far as being lack of initial capital. The pension reforms should act as a game changer in this respect, and those looking to make property work for them as an income source in their retirement years can plan their financial returns well in advance.

While I will be keeping a very close eye on the implementation of the planned pension reforms as 2015 approaches, certainly the excitement already generated by them in the property sector is palpable. The market is going to see some interesting developments from April of next year onwards. To help with these choices the Government will guarantee every new pensioner face-to-face information and guidance, which will usually be given by the pension fund you saved into. Alternatively, you could pay for good independent financial advice. It is expensive – hundreds of pounds up to maybe a couple of thousand – but it can be well worthwhile, especially if you have a reasonable sized fund.With potential annual rental yields of around 8-10% in Warrington at the moment, along with annual capital appreciation of 9.3% in 2014, you can see why this would be an attractive proposition for a potential investor.

If you are thinking of getting into the property rental market as a new investor and don't know where to start, speak to us for impartial advice and guidance to get the best return on your investment. For more information about other potential investment properties that we could introduce you to, or to ask about our thoughts on your own investment choices, call us now on 01925 235 338 or pop along and speak to us in person at our offices at 6 Bankside, Crosfield Street, Warrington, WA1 1UP

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Warrington 2 double bed terrace, £80k with potential 7.4% yield.

Here we have a lovely 2 double bedroom terrace property in Warrington, offering close proximity to the town centre, exactly the sort of place a young professional couple would like. Its close to the central train station. This property does not need any work doing to it, maybe just a quick clean up, but its ready to go so ideal for a first time investor as it really is hassle free

With no upper chain, this is currently on offer for £80k and would likely rent in this market at around £475-495, giving a potential yield of 7.4%. Properties around here have grown in value in recent times, this property in particular has grown from £46k in 2000, showing potential capital growth today of around 120%, which quite frankly is amazing.

As always, this particular property has been circulated to our current list of investors looking to purchase something in the Warrington area. If you are one of the hundreds of investors reading this blog daily, why not take the next step and give us a call to see how we could assist you in your search for potential investment properties - or to ask about our thoughts on your own choices, call me now on 01925 235 338 or drop me an email on

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Warrington Town Centre Flat 6.6% yield

Afternoon property hunters, I haven't seen one of these flats come to the market for a while, so thought I would put it out there as it seems to be quite a good deal.

Close to the town Centre, ideal for the commuting market and also coming with a parking space, to me, this should not be sniffed at. On the market for £80,000 with a local agent, I would recommend that you get yourself a viewing booked before you miss out.

These properties rent out for around £500 at the moment, so if you do your sums, you would be looking at an annual return of around 6.6%

This flat may not be as swanky as some of the flats in warrington, but it's also not as expensive as them. You can get yourself a decent City centre investment property without breaking the bank!

Dont forget them service charges/ground rent. There may be room to negotiate on this particular one.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

3 bedder house in Warrington

I had a landlord come in to see me yesterday asking me what type of property he should be buying for his next buy-to-let. Whilst going through the property websites, I spotted this one and thought I would share it with you all.

It's in the Fearnhead area of Warrington. It may not have the most modern of kitchens fitted, but it looks perfectly functional, it's not so dated that you would feel like you are living in the past! it will just need new flooring and probably a splash of magie

This house is on the market for £94,950, I'm sure you could negotiate the price a little bit, (I wouldn't expect thousands off though, houses are selling very near their asking prices at the moment!) I would expect this to rent for at least £600, maybe even £625. So airing on the optimistic side, you could expect a gross yield of 6.8%. Not too bad, especially as you don;t have to worry about block management charges etc which you would with a flat!.

If you would like any advice on where (or where not) to buy, feel free to give me a call or drop me an e-mail