Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Tale of two towns - Warrington and Bolton

Earlier last week I popped into my local shop and the owner recognised me by my article in the Warrington Guardian which was about the quarter of Warrington residents never owning their own home. If you missed that article it can be found on the link below.
The owner of the shop then started explaining that he has money saved up ready to invest in property. We ended up having a chat about the Warrington property market and what he could achieve if he invested in Warrington, he then went on to ask me about how it would compare to Bolton, as this is the town he lives in.
I didn’t have the stats and numbers in front of me so I told I would do some research and then invite him to the office for a chat.
So should you be investing in Warrington or Bolton when it comes to property? Both towns are similar in size and, taking into account the surrounding villages, have similar average property values.
The average property value in Warrington is £105,000 and in Bolton is £70,000, whilst the average rents are miles apart at £725 per month in Warrington and £475 per month in Bolton. This gives both towns an almost identical average yield of 8%. I have done a little research to compare the two seemingly similar towns in more depth.

Investing in property is all about what you buy the property for. You make your money with your buying value, rather than your eventual sale value. Over the last four years, property values in Warrington have increased by 3%. This is great for those that have already bought a property in the town. When I looked at the property values in Bolton over this time, I found they have dropped by nearly 1.5%. This means, if you are considering buying now, Warrington would be the better town to invest in.

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