Thursday, 22 September 2016

Warrington Landlord’s best kept secret

I hope all my readers are doing well, it was around 4 or 5 months ago when I last invited you to join my premier investor list so I thought I would share this post again, our premier investment list will give you direct access to any properties we find in Warrington which will make a good investment. 

Having found our blog, you probably know a little more about the local market and about us, and you've probably even been in contact to ask us about something you've already seen. All good so far…

So why wait?

With blogs featuring great deals published daily, wouldn't it be great to be able to 'jump the queue' and get the inside info a few days early? We constantly check the market and keep an up to date list of potential Buy To Let properties in the Warrington area, so we have a database we can refer to should you wish to consider a selection of options.

Warrington Landlord’s best kept secret

If you are a private landlord in Warrington and your are struggling to find the right tenant for your property

Then why not advertise for FREE with unlimited text and pictures on the ***Warrington Houses to Let, For Sale or Wanted*** FACEBOOK GROUP.

There are over 2000 local Warrington members most of which are tenants.
Click the Link to join. Tenants and Landlords welcome –

If YOU want to be the first to know about what would make a great Buy To Let investment that is currently available either on the open market or via our own sources (landlord to landlord sales etc), call or email us now and get your name put on our Premier Investor list on 01925 235 338, pop through the door of our offices at Bankside offices, Crosfield Street in Warrington or send us an email on

Dont forget to visit the links below to view back dated deals and Warrington Property News. 

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