Tuesday, 13 January 2015

3 Bedroom House in Warrington 8.2% Yield

Good Morning property hunters, I thought id start early today to see what potential opportunities are available in Warrington. 

Well i have spotted a 3 bedroom house, which does need work doing inside it hence why there are no internal shots, iv made a quick call to the estate agents to get a ball park figure on refurb costs which look to be coming in at around £5000 combining that with the property price of £74.950 i think this is a good investment. 

We have houses on this street very which are very similar and rent out between £525 - £550, you are looking at a potential yield of 8.2%

I get constant enquiries by tenants for 3 bedroom houses in warrington, so i know there is a huge demand for this, voids would be very low and usually a house like this will attract a family with young children so your looking at long term tenants as they tend to enrol the children into local schools. 

The property is on the market with Edwards Grounds on Sankey Street. Dont take to long to think about this, just give them a call and arrange a viewing and if you want to have a chat about it or just a chat about the Warrington property market in general give me a call on 01925 235338 or drop me an email on tpatel@hamlethomesproperty.co.uk.

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