Thursday, 22 January 2015

Landlords/Investors – does your letting agent go THIS far?

Anyone can set themselves up as a letting agent these days, they can offer cut-throat discounts to their fees, take out a full page ad in the local paper, but is that really good value to you as a landlord?

What about an agent who keeps you informed of how the local market is performing, often comparing several areas and explaining why yields and rentals are as they are, and how you can look at getting the best value from your property? Now that sounds interesting.

What about when you start to think about your next investment property, wouldn’t it be great to talk things through with an agent so that you don’t buy the wrong property in the wrong area that the market does not want? Sounds like a great idea!

So what about when you get the germ of an idea, you want to invest in a Buy To Let, but you don’t even know how or where to start? Suppose you COULD visit an agent, and you could look at a number of options with regards to funding, and you could throw ideas around as to what you want to buy and ask for a professional opinion on your thoughts, perhaps they could even go on site visits with you to help you understand what to look for, give you advice on how a property should be presented and how to cost any remedial works, or even better – maybe they already had a list of properties that were already suitable and they had worked out the maths for you, showing how and why any given property would make financial sense as an investment? Now that’s got your attention!

Or how about this – having gone through all of the above, you still want more support, and just want to hand over the keys to the agent and ask them to project manage, source and co-ordinate the tradesmen required, arrange for all legal compliances to be met and even for the whole property (including the oven and windows) to be cleaned before the tenant moves in? Convinced yet?

You see, here at Hamlet Homes Property Warrington, we don’t just take on new properties and let them out, we go back a stage or two and look to work with potential investors at the start of their journey and stay with them right through to letting & managing their new property, and that is where all of the above comes into play.

The cost for all this? Precisely £0, nada, nothing. The value to you though – immeasurable.

If YOU want to be the first to know about what would make a great Buy To Let investment that is currently available either on the open market or via our own sources (landlord to landlord sales etc), call us now and get your name put on our Investor list on 01925 235338, pop through the door of our offices on 6 Bankside, Crosfield street or send us an email over to

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