Thursday, 6 October 2016

Rental Yields Increased on Padgate Lane, Warrington

A landlord I know has owned a few properties on Padgate Lane for the last twenty years. She came in to our office for a brew and we got on to discussing the rise and fall of property prices on the street – and more to the point, how this has affected her yield over the years.

In 1996, when she purchased her first property on Padgate Lane, the average value of a terraced house on the street was £75,349. By 2006, this had a sharp rise to £104,770. This rise in value slowed down and dropped, with average values being £101,102 in 2011 and slight increase of £103,100 in 2015.

At the height of the property boom in this area, a terraced house on Padgate Lane had an average value of £104,770. This soon dropped in 2011 to £101,102, with the average value decreasing to around £90,000 this year (average worked out on only two transactions, so not a true reflection of the

street average).

When she told me of the rents she had achieved on the street, they seem fairly stable over the twenty years. In 1996 - 2006 the average rent was £350 per month and is now between £450 and £550, dependant on the property’s condition. Therefore, a landlord could expect a respectable annual yield of around 7% on Padgate Lane, at the moment.

From this research, it shows that the landlord was achieving a yield of around 5% 20 years ago and is now achieving higher yields of 7% +. Although the terraced houses on Padgate Lane reached their highest value of £104,770 just before the crash, it doesn’t seem like the street has recovered much since then – while it is slowly on the up, you can still pick up a good deal on Padgate Lane.

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