Thursday, 13 October 2016

Westbrook, Warrington – Property everywhere but none to rent...

I have been living in and around Warrington for most of my adult life and, so; the majority of my investment properties are also located around Warrington. That’s not just because it’s where I found the best deals however – yes the numbers stacked up, but what really swings it is knowing the area. I know where to buy for yield AND where to buy for capital growth. I also know area affects the type of tenant you will attract: whether it’s large families, young couples or even single professionals.

When it comes to investing in property, the safest way to invest is stick to where you know.

I was recently asked why there are so few properties to rent on the Castle Green Estate in Westbrook.

With having local knowledge, I knew that Castle Green is an area where families tend to buy rather than rent. However, I thought I would do some research into the estate.

I found that since the start of 2016, only six properties have been available for rent on the Castle Green Estate – one of Warrington’s most popular housing estates.

Castle Green in More Detail

To be honest, I was a little surprised that it was that high. If I look at the six properties that have been up To Let in Castle Green, the price ranges from £795pcm to £1,250pcm. While this may seem like high rental income, when we look at the average property price on this estate (coming in at £240k), we can see that it doesn’t stack up financially. In turn, this answers the question of why there are so few rental properties on the Castle Green Estate.

After going through those numbers, I did a little bit more digging to see if these houses performed better for capital growth. Some of these houses actually sold for around the £70k – £80k back in 1995 – 1997 and the properties are now worth £240k+. Although they may not be producing the great yields of 8+% that you can achieve in other areas of Warrington, the long term growth on these houses is great.

We can help you identify property values and other useful property related information to make sure you can get everything you need about your future investments.

Warrington Property Facts

The average house price in Warrington is £209,200 (according to and the average income of someone living in Warrington is £21,458 per year.

The price to earnings ratio is an effective measure of the relative affordability of property in a given area. The higher the number – the more expensive it is to buy. In Warrington, the ratio is 9.75, compared to 11.92 nationally. Looking at the figures above, it shows that the average property in Warrington is almost worth ten times the average household income. So we can safely say that the rental market remains in high demand.


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