Tuesday, 21 October 2014

10% Yield on 1 Bedroom Flat in Warrington.

Good afternoon Property. Pickers! On my internet travels this morning, I came across this lovely little flat. It looks as though it's had a bit of work done it it. Perfect for buying it and letting it out straight away, with minimal input.

It is on the market with Balch for £45,000, chances are it would go for less. The area is very popular for rentals due to the schooling nearby and how close it is to the town centre. I would expect this to achieve in the region of £400 pcm. So, without even negotiating the asking price, you will receive a 10.7% yield. If you are able to buy it any cheaper, the better the yield!

You best be quick if this one floats your boat, there are plenty of people doing the same thing at the moment, so the quicker of the mark you are, the better.

If you would like any advise on where to buy your next buy to let property


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