Thursday, 23 October 2014

7.4% Yield For A Starter Home in Warrington

These little starter homes are really popular with tenants, because the location's great and they are very affordable, being around the £450 pcm, however with this property as it has two reception rooms that extra space adds rental value and this will rent all day long for £495

This house is on the market for £80,000, I would definitely put an offer in for this if you are looking at investing in the area, houses similar in the same area are selling for about £90k. If you could get it for the price wanted, this would generate you an annual yield of 7.4%, which is about the going rate in the Warrington area at the moment.

Be quick, i really cant see this one hanging around for too long, it is on with Home Estate Agents Warrington.

check link below for more details on this property

If you are looking to invest in the area and want some advice, just drop me an e-mail on

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