Friday, 31 October 2014

Warrington Apartments Make Sound Investments

This apartment is looking lovely, we can't get enough of this type of property, we could rent them all day long!

This shining example is on the market for £62,00 (bargain) which considering the condition and the fact it has parking isn't bad, it's always nice if you can squeeze a little off the asking price though, make you feel like you are getting a deal!

Bearing in mind the rental on this would be circa £450 pcm, this would look to generate a gross yield of 8.7%. Of course you would need to take into account any service charges and ground rent that would be due.

This will not be on the market long, its been on for around 3 days and i can't see it being on longer than 2 weeks, so get on the phone to that agent and work a deal.

If you would like any advise on investing in Warrington, give me a call!

If you need advice or good contacts for tradesmen over the winter period or anytime of the year, drop me a call on 01925 235 338 or email at

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